Madison Metropolitan School District

Please identify the person completing the survey and the district for which the survey is being completed:


Natalie Rew, Comptroller


Madison Metropolitan (3269) - Unified School District

Meeting Date: What was the date of the meeting at which the board set the levy for 2013-14?      11/04/13 

  Community Programs and Service Fund: Will the district have an established Community Programs and Service Fund (Fund 80) for the 2013-2014 fiscal year?                       Yes 

Planned Expenditures: Specify the purpose and dollar amount for all planned expenditures from the district's Fund 80 [for the 2013-14 fiscal year]



Expenditure Amount


Day Care Activities

$ 838,295.00


Planetarium I Library IMSC I Parent Comm Involvmnt

$ 791,191.00


Financial I Public Facility - Operations

$ 750,838.00


Community Rec Admin I Facility Rental

$ 2,566,728.00


Adult Community Rec Programming

$ 1,309,232.00


Youth Community Rec Programming

$ 2,409,410.00


After Hours Based Rec Programming

$ 6,031,148.00



$ 428,903.00


Public Information I Community Partnerships

$ 1,032,460.00

Planned Expenditures Explanation: Please explain how the district's planned expenditures in fund 80, described above,meet the Department of Public Instruction's Criteria for use of Community Service Funds.  See Community Programs and Services Statutory Authority: Wisconsin Legislature 120.13 (19) 


MMSD establishes and maintains community education, training, recreation, cultural or athletic programs and services, outside the regular curricular and extracurricular program for pupils as the school board prescribes.  The district is mindful when budgeting programs in Fund 80.  These programs involve community accessibility of the school district. MMSD is one of approximately 18 school districts in Wisconsin that also have a full service community recreation program attached to the district proper.  Included here is our mission statement for our MSCR   

Community activities: MSCR will enhance the quality of life for individuals in the Madison Metropolitan School District and for the community by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all. As a department of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), MSCR will:

  1. Support the Mission of MMSD by:
    1. Cultivating the potential of every student through provision of arts and enrichment, sports and after-school programs.
    2.  Enhancing academic excellence and love of learning in youth through tutoring and enrichment programs.
    3.  Engaging students positively during after school hours in activities that build self-esteem, improve social behavior, and develop students to their full potential.
    4. Serving as the designated Supplemental Services provider for schools not meeting Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).
    5. Providing wrap-around programming for students in pre-K through grade 8 enrolled in summer school.
    6. Utilizing program curriculum that teaches the value of community service and civic engagement.
    7. Embracing the full richness and diversity of students by reflecting diversity through staffing, programs and professional development.
    8. Developing global citizens through program  curriculum, youth leadership development and job training programs.
    9.  Providing a full range of inclusion options for students with disabilities.
    10. Showcasing public schools    as vibrant learning and activity centers for people of all ages.
  2. Provide Programs Meeting Expressed Community Needs That:
    1. Promotes the benefits of and engages the entire community in life-long learning and leisure.
    2. Are responsive to community needs in a variety of facilities including schools, community centers and private facilities.
    3. Are high quality and well attended, representing participants from all Madison neighborhoods.
    4. Reflects racial, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Madison through staffing, programming and participation.
    5. Are coordinated with other governmental agencies and community based organizations.
    6. Promotes fitness, health, wellness, creativity and personal growth.
  3. Pursue Resources For Programs Through:
    1. Volunteer recruitment, training, placement and evaluation.
    2. Support from grants and foundations and donations from businesses and individuals.
    3. Partnerships with community based organizations and other governmental agencies.  
    4. A fee structure that reflects affordability and responsible fiscal planning.
  4. Model Leadership in the Recreation Field and in the Community by:
    1. Promoting the individual, community, environmental and economic benefits of recreation.
    2. Participating in local, state and national professional organizations.
    3. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and staff resources.
    4. Seeking opportunities for public recognition and improved awareness of MSCR.

Fund 80 Revenue: Indicate the dollar amount for each type of revenue specified below that will support the district's Fund 80total planned revenue. 

Revenue Amount

Levy (Property Tax)


User Fees


Other Revenue


Fund Balance (Unaudited)


Most Recent Prior Fund 80 Levy:  Please enter the year and amount from the most recent year in which the district levied into Fund 80.  See DPI guidance for use of Fund 80 at  See Community Programs and Services Statutory Authority: Wisconsin legislature: 120.12 (19) 


Year of most recent prior Fund 80 Levy (Four Digit Fiscal Year - YYYY)


Amount of most recent prior Fund 80 Levy


   Fund 80 Survey Review of Amounts 


Expenses for Fund 80


Fund 80 Revenue (all sources)


Fund 80 Levy


Most recent Fund 80 Levy



The District does intend to exceed Fund 80 Levy Authority: The responses above indicate that the district does not intend to exceed the limit on the Fund 80 levy authority imposed by 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 for the 2013-14 fiscal year.      Agree 

The District does intend to hold a referendum in order to meet the requirement to exceed the limit on Fund 80 levy
authority included in 2013 Wisconsin Acts 20 and 46.