Financial Services provides accounting functions that include approximately 150 accounts payable checks written per day; daily cash receipt processing and deposit; processes employee reimbursements; e-business payments and reports; invoices and accounts receivables; record and track district capital assets; school-based accounting, bank balancing, auditing and full range support to school staff; internal/external reporting for staff, Department of Public Instruction, Federal, State and grant claims; monthly balancing of approximately 53 bank accounts; yearly external financial audit support; 1099s and full-range support to schools and staff.

Community Programs and Service Fund

Financial Audits

Financial Services Contact information


Natalie Rew (608) 663-5311

Budget Manager

Ross MacPherson (608) 442-2161

Budget Allocation Manager

Monica Apodaca (608) 663-1634

Accounting Financial Supervisor - Grants

Ruth Schultz (608) 663-5365


Jim Beilke (608) 663-5362

Accounting Financial Supervisor - MSCR

Mark Anderson (608) 204-3047

Food Service/Building Services Financial Supervisor

Rebecca Bender (608) 204-6692

Accounting Specialist

Denise Scott (608) 663-5289

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Haley Gausmann (608) 442-2996

Accounting Clerk

Sue Nicholson-Fiske (608) 663-5323

Accounting Clerk - Intermediate

Marilyn Irvine (608) 663-5312

Budget & Accounting Clerk

Tina Marie Weishoff (608) 663-5328

Budget Clerk

Julie Pophal (608) 663-1912

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