Budget Book 2019-20

2019-20 Budget Book Cover2019-20 Original Budget

MMSD Budget Development

How it works?

Every year, we set out to develop a budget for our district that aligns with our Strategic Framework, meets the needs of students and staff, and is fiscally responsible in light of State mandated revenue restrictions. Our process is to:

  • Collect and analyze input from students, staff and families collected throughout the year
  • Work with schools and departments to determine budgeting goals and guiding principles 
  • Create a revenue forecast based on current law and projected enrollment
  • Develop and fund our strategic equity projects in line with the Strategic Framework and input received throughout the year
  • Create a district-wide staffing plan using enrollment projections 
  • Develop a positive compensation strategy, including salaries/wages and benefits
  • Budget expected increases, such as utilities and transportation costs
  • Identify savings needed to balance budget gaps, focusing at the central office level first

What are your thoughts on the budget?

This budget was created with the district's vision and belief on equity in mind. We used the district's draft Equity Tool as a guide. We’ll continue to lean on feedback from the community, as it relates to our priorities and adjust decisions from there.  We  still need to hear from you. You can share your ideas with us by clicking the button below. 

How does the Draft Preliminary Budget reflect the District’s priorities?

It is more important than ever for us to work in partnership with the community. Through our district ways of working, we collect and analyze feedback from students, staff and family all year.  The data collected is analyzed by our qualitative research specialist and published on the research website. This information is then used by the Board of Education and the district’s Senior Leadership Team to develop the budget goals, parameters, and strategic equity projects.  The following are primary examples of community input utilized to create the draft preliminary budget for 2019-20:

The 2019-20 revenue from the State has not yet been determined. Our draft budget, assumes a nominal increase to our revenue authority providing us with limited flexibility. However, we are committed to ensuring our budget is aligned with our Strategic Framework priorities, including our focused beliefs on Black Excellence. In this budget, you’ll see several proposed strategic investments, aimed at accelerating results for youth of color.  These investments include:

  • $425,000 to expand the number of dual enrollment seats in the Early College STEM Academy at Madison College, which focuses on getting more youth of color and women into post-secondary education and the STEM field
  • $380,000 to increase access to advanced learning for youth of color
  • $530,000 in school-based Psychologists and Social Workers
  • $320,000 for MicroSchool options for youth re-engagement with a specific focus on those high school students who are most at risk of not graduating
  • $50,000 in funding for restorative justice efforts, including training and research of different models through our existing community partnerships to support accelerated restorative justice system development in all schools

What is the Budget Timeline?

  • April 29: Draft Preliminary Budget Presented to Board
  • April 29: Draft budget posted to MMSD Website, Budget input portal opened
  • May 1 to May 17: Targeted budget input sessions
  • May 1 - May 31: Board Member Budget Amendment Process
  • May 13: Budget Input Session #1 at Operations Workgroup
  • May 29: Public Budget Input Session at Goodman Community Center (RSVP)
  • June 10: Budget Input Session # 2 at Operations Workgroup, Confirm Board Amendments for June 24 vote
  • June 24: Board vote to adopt preliminary budget

What has already been presented to the public?

Kelly Ruppel is the district’s Chief Financial Officer. Ruppel has given several preliminary budget presentations to the Board of Education. You can view them on our Youtube channel.