Madison schools are on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement and to ensure that every child graduates ready for college, career and community. We see our vision coming to life in schools every day. We are incredibly determined, and we are making progress across our district.

And we are making progress in a state environment that is incredibly challenging. We face yet another state budget that is not supportive of public schools, yet, despite these challenges, we've worked to take a smart, targeted approach to our budget - one that keeps us anchored to our strategy to raise student achievement for all and close gaps - while protecting classrooms. 

Draft Preliminary Budget Fiscal Year 2016-17 Revised for June 27, 2016


Preliminary discussions of the 2016-17 budget development took place in January 2016.

From February through April, we gathered input from our community and staff as the budget was developed. Similar to previous years, we invited input on priorities to be preserved in the budget, efficiencies to help balance the budget and other feedback related to the budget process.

Between April and June, the board had three reviews of the proposed budget and the community had a chance to continue to provide input through public input sessions and a web-based feedback form.

The board voted on a preliminary budget at a June 2016 regular board meeting.

Budget Questions & Answers:

2016 Budget Timeline: akll dates are 2016. February 1: Operations Work Group discusses budget, reviews priorities and staffing. February 1 - April: Staff invited to provide input on priorities and efficiencies. February 6: Board retreat discussion around budget priorities. March 14: Operations Work Group continues discussion of budget. April: Preliminary draft of budget presented to board. Between April and June: public is given the opportunity to comment on the preliminary budget. June: Board votes on the preliminary budget. October: Budget is finalized and levy set.