Draft Preliminary Budget Fiscal Year 2015-16 Revised for June 29, 2015

As a school district, we are on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement. We want to be a model public school district, one that demonstrates what it looks like to serve all students and families well.

And we are making exciting progress. From the establishment of school improvement plans in every school, to a common approach to professional learning anchored to a clear vision of great teaching, to work on our five priorities to remove institutional barriers to student success, we have created positive momentum—and positive outcomes for our students that we know will continue to rise.

As much of our community had heard, the governor’s budget proposal makes our job more challenging by cutting support to public schools and instead supporting things like private school vouchers and the creation of independent charter schools.

With these challenges in mind, over the past several months, we have worked, with direction from our Board of Education, to design a preliminary proposal that will enable us not just to survive a difficult budget, but to move our work forward to raise student achievement for all and narrow achievement gaps despite the financial challenges we face.

As we have grappled with difficult decisions, we have worked to stay anchored to our strategy as a district. We believe that we cannot let a challenging political climate and state budget put us in a reactive mode or distract from the work we know is good for our students.

We hope that you will review our draft preliminary budget and give us your feedback on this site or at an upcoming meeting.

What does the governor’s state budget proposal budget mean for Madison Schools?

  • Recommended Tax Levy and Fall Budget Adoption October 19, 2015Major cuts to funding: School districts receive funding from state government to support education. Over the past several years, public school districts have seen dramatic decreases in support from the state. The current budget proposal decreases support to schools even more.
  • Draining resources for years to come: In addition to immediate funding challenges, the budget proposal also provides more taxpayer funding to private school vouchers and independent charter schools, which will drain resources from local public schools.
  • Creating disruption and instability: School district needs a stable environment, where educators can focus on their day to day work with students, in order to be successful. The budget proposal also creates an environment of disruption and instability that undermines our efforts to create lasting improvement that serves all children.

Final 2015-16 Budget Adopted October 2015

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