Staff: We Need Your Input

As we work through this process, we would love to hear staff ideas on:
  • Priorities that should not be affected by budget
  • Efficiencies you think should be examined to fill our budget gap
  • Other feedback you think would be helpful

2015-16 Budget

We are on an incredibly positive path in Madison. We are making exciting progress in improving student achievement and we have a lot of momentum behind us.

Unfortunately, the governor's budget proposal poses a major challenge to our progress. Madison schools now face a budget gap of a minimum of $12 million for the 2015-16 school year. Rather than supporting our efforts, the state budget proposal clearly prioritizes private school vouchers, the authorization of independent charters and politics over real support for public schools and our students.

Over the next few months, the district will work with the Board of Education through our budget process. We plan to examine every option through this process — checking our assumptions, gathering input and finding savings wherever we can — but we will work to protect the classrooms and schools. On this page, you can learn more about the state budget proposal and stay updated about the district's budget process.

What does the governor’s state budget proposal budget mean for Madison Schools?

  • Major cuts to funding: School districts receive funding from state government to support education. Over the past several years, public school districts have seen dramatic decreases in support from the state. The current budget proposal decreases support to schools even more.
  • Draining resources for years to come: In addition to immediate funding challenges, the budget proposal also provides more taxpayer funding to private school vouchers and independent charter schools, which will drain resources from local public schools.
    • Creating disruption and instability: School district needs a stable environment, where educators can focus on their day to day work with students, in order to be successful. The budget proposal also creates an environment of disruption and instability that undermines our efforts to create lasting improvement that serves all children.

    Budget Updates and Timeline

    We will be posting updates to the budget process on our Budget Updates page

    2015 Budget Timeline

    Past Budget Information