State Budget Update

The Joint Committee on Finance considered and voted on the Governor’s state budget proposal on June 4. The committee made some changes to the budget, which will now go to the state Assembly and Senate for approval. Here’s how the updated proposal would affect Madison Schools.

Budget Provision

Increase in revenue limit and state aid

Impact on Madison Schools

MMSD would receive an additional $2 million in support from the state than is currently projected. According to the district’s projections, this would still result in a decrease of $6.7 million in state aid.

Expansion of private school vouchers statewide

Private school vouchers would be expanded statewide, draining resources from public schools across the state. The program would have a statewide limit of 500 students in 2013-14 and 1000 in 2014-15. There is no guarantee on what the limits would be in the future.

Any loss of students would decrease the district’s state aid and revenue limit.

Students already attending private school are eligible for the program and would still have a negative impact on state aid for Madison public schools.

Limit of Community Services Fund

The district could not levy more from its community services fund in the future than it did in 2012-13. The community services fund is used for after school programming for youth, programs that encourage and facilitate parent involvement and community health and wellness programs.